Saturday, January 2, 2010

its a new year...

it took me a little bit to get around to this post but as i sit here in bed i figure the time is now. i'm not really sure what to write. i have made a few small goals for the year. i don't really want to call them resolutions because they are not just for this year but for the rest of my life. my goals are to establish a daily bible reading routine and to start a prayer journal. they are simple goals but i feel that they are steps that i need to take to better my relationship with God. sadly i have tried in the past to work these activities into my daily schedule but have failed miserably. i hope that this year proves better. i also have a goal of establishing a weekly cleaning routine but that will have to wait until i know what my work schedule will be like this semester. all in all i just want to make minor improvements to my life, do better in school, and enjoy time spent with my husband. it will be strange to have him home but so far things are going fine. i am so glad he is in my life. i am looking forward to this new year.

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