Friday, December 25, 2009


sadly i didn't get to finish the blog carnival. i left for missouri on the 20th to visit my family and haven't had internet until now. i'm now in oklahoma (only about thirty minutes away from where i was in missouri). we'll be in oklahoma until the 29th and then we'll go back to missouri for our last night. we will be leaving to go back home on the 30th. its been a great trip although having a white christmas is much more stressful when you have to drive in it. i've spent all of my time with my mom's side of the family but because of weather haven't seen my dad's side of the family. they live on back roads that won't be cleared by plows. hopefully we'll get to see them before we head home.
plus i just got to check my final grades. i did pretty good this semester. my GPA isn't quite where i wanted it but nothing i can do until next semester. i definitely made progress though.
it will be so hard to go home and get back in a routine. this trip has definitely thrown me off. i haven't had an alarm this whole week and its a little creepy but quite refreshing at the same time.

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