Monday, November 9, 2009

an update i guess...

well school is going. a mere four or so weeks left before finals. lots of assignments coming up soon and i'm trying my best to sort them out and make sure my priorities are straight. i neglected my online medical vocab class and while i still have time to complete all the work, its stressful and well thats my fault. all of my campus classes are doing alright. well except for my crazy english class that none of us understand.

well i'm trying to be better in this area. i've taken steps to try to improve my water intake. i've set an alarm on my phone to remember to take my allergy medicine (that i'm supposed to take everyday but often forget) and am trying to figure out a better time so this will include taking my vitamin daily. sadly i have seen no improvement yet. i'm still having lots of headaches and lots of tummy trouble although i have my ideas on what might be to blame for that. either way i'm trying to stick to this and make it a life long thing. well hopefully i won't have to take allergy medicine every day for the rest of my life.

well hopefully this deployment will be drawing to a close soon and i will have my husband back to try to figure out this thing called "marriage". its been a long year, our first year of marriage has been spent in different countries. now its time for this whole homecoming thing. this whole year i've been waiting for this and well now its kind of scary. we've never really lived together. we have alot of learning to do. but i'm as ready for the challenge as i'm going to be. and at the end of the day, i am so thankful to have my soldier coming home that i'll take whatever life gives me.

so thats my life for now i guess. or at least what i can remember to say right now.

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