Friday, November 27, 2009

he's home.

its official. we (me, my in-laws, and his aunt buffy) picked up my wonderful husband at the nashville airport monday evening. yea i know, that makes me horribly behind on posting this but its been a busy week. for all of the "is he home for good?" questions, this is the end of this deployment. we do not know when he will deploy again. hopefully it will be a few years and he'll be able to get through school first. but i'm just excited to have him home. i am well aware that i married a soldier and that at any time the army could say he needs him again but for a little while he is mine. sadly i still have a job and i'm still in school. soon he will have to find a job and will start back to school in the fall sememster. it will take a great deal of adjustment to find the flow of this new life together but we are ready for the challenge. well, as ready as we'll ever be. thankfully we have a God that will carry us through. this deployment was a wonderful learning experience that i know was given to us for a reason. even if i'm not sure what its purpose was, it is over. God proved himself, even though he shouldn't have had to, and has given me a new hope as jesse and i face more unknowns. i want to thank all who supported us through this difficult time, you were all blessings from God. and i want to thank God for my wonderful husband and for bringing him back safely to me.


Jessica said...

So glad your hubby is home.
Enjoy this time together =)
Praying for a quick adjustment for both of you.

Kathryn said...

So glad he is home!! Enjoy your time together! :)

Julie said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you guys. :-D