Monday, November 2, 2009

back to "normal"

well the judgment has concluded. things should be slowly getting back to some kind of normal. my apartment is still messy. and with five weeks left in this semester i don't see things really calming down much. plus at some point in those five weeks (hopefully in this month) i should be heading to florida with my in-laws to pick up my husband. i really need to buckle down and make the best of the weeks left in school. i have yet again slacked a bit this semester. now not quite as bad as i have in the past but my online class has definitely been neglected. this semester, as well as the next two (spring and summer) will determine whether i continue on with this degree. if i don't do well enough this semester to get off of financial aid probation, i will not be going in the spring semester due to finances. if i make it through the spring semester, i plan to retake anatomy II during the summer semester so that it is the only class i have to think about (assuming i can afford to do so since financial aid does not cover summer classes). however, if i don't make an A or a B then it will be pointless to try to continue on with this degree. i have already taken anatomy II twice before so this time all three grades will be averaged together for my transcript and if that averaged grade is not a C or higher i cannot move on to microbiology.
yea all of that was kind of crazy and random but its my life right now. needless to say i wouldn't mind some prayer.
p.s. yes jesse knows all this.

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