Monday, October 26, 2009

not a good analogy...

so today my english professor goes off on his soap box about the topic of falling in love and the battle of the sexes (instead of passing out our midterm which he ended up only giving us like forty minutes to do when its an eighty-five minute class) and used a very inappropriate analogy.
just before class he asked about the t-shirt i'm wearing today which says 351st MP CO SNAKE PIT. i tell him that its the unit my husband is deployed with right now. he asks "army?" and i say yes. he asks "where is he?" and i say iraq. not a big deal, i answer those kinds of questions all the time. but when he goes off on his tangent about love he asks the question "where did the phrase 'falling in love' come from and what does it refer to?" we all give answers like "its out of our control" and "its a rush of emotions" and other such possibilities and he says "no, its more like your husband" and points at me. i sit quiet waiting for further clarification and he continues with "what does your husband do?" i tell him that he works border patrol and that he is an MP. he then proceeds to put me on the spot with "well what would happen if your husband got shot?" this angers me and i do not answer. i'm sure my face said all i needed to say but he didn't seem to care or even notice. he nonchalantly remarks "he would fall right? just like you fall in love..." pretty much the whole class turns to look at me to see my reaction. i keep my mouth shut because i had nothing nice to say and we still had a midterm to take. needless to say i am still very upset. i always joke about the stupid questions i've been asked about my husband being in the military but what my professor did today was disrespectful and rude. he violated a line. yet somehow i am really not surprised that he put me on the spot in that manner. he is a jerk. no one in the class likes him or the way he attacks us. today was just my day i guess. i am proud of myself for not striking back. he was not nor is not worth it. all i have to do is pass this class with a C and i will never have to deal with the arrogant man again.
not to mention that he completely destroyed how i feel about falling in love. it is a joyous, romantic, crazy rush of emotions that leave you feeling like a giddy child. i do not normally think of a soldier being shot in war, when i think of falling in love with my own soldier. those situations just do not go hand in hand for me. nor do i think they relate for the majority of people on this planet. i cannot wait to tell jesse about today. i'm sure his opinion will be quite interesting.
i am ready for this semester to be over NOW!


Julie said...

I am so sorry to hear that Danie. You are right! He's definitely an arrogant jerk.

Jessica said...

I am impressed with your strength not to say anything to your professor. I could only hope that I too could just bite my toungue. I want to say something to him right now for you though =)
Stay strong...saying a prayer for you

Laura said...

Wow! He was way out of line and rude! Sorry you had to put up with that. Hopefully the rest of the semester will go by fast.