Monday, September 21, 2009

one week...

one week from today my mommy-dear is coming into town! i love my mommy and can't wait to see her again. however, that means i have lots and lots to do prior to her (and seven other family members) coming into town and staying at my apartment for my sister's wedding. i have grocery shopping, cleaning, and boxes still to unpack not to mention i still have school, church, and work responsibilities. i'm stressed just thinking about all i must accomplish in this oh so busy week. alot of the cleaning should already be done, yes i know i have procrastinated. but i've had alot of stomach issues that the doctor has yet to figure out. i go back october 7th to my general physician and i hope she can figure something out. uhg. just emotionally and physically i'm not doing well right now. i am excited to see my family! so very excited! i just don't know how nine people (me and eight family members) and going to stay even semi-comfortably in my two bedroom, one bath apartment. yea, please keep me in your prayers. my sanity will be tested i'm sure. plus i am a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding. uhg i feel like all i've done on this poor little blog is complain lately. for that i am very sorry. i'm just not in a good place right now. i'm a little overwhelmed. hopefully this week will go well and everything will get accomplished so i can enjoy seeing my family. hope everyone has a good week!

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