Monday, August 10, 2009


so hubby is back in tal afar from his leave in qatar. he says he's down to one roomate (in mosul he had three). he's assumes they got they're own room. i do have his new adress now. it was a collective effort from him and glen but its nice to have it. now i just need to send hubby something.

i've really slacked on the cleaning since i finished the projects. part of the problem is the fact painting the wire shelves didn't work so i have been missing some of the storage i need but i get to pick those up today. which means i should get busy this week trying to unpack boxes and clean the rest of the apartment. i want everything set up and clean before school starts back. that way it will be easier to work in daily cleaning time. guess we'll see how it goes. plus i need to get things set up for school.

my twentieth birthday is three weeks from today! i can't believe how fast this year has gone by. not that i mind because that means we are that much closer to this deployment being over. we're still hoping for home coming to happen around last november/early december. i'm just hoping that if it is december, he doesn't come in the week of my finals. that would be rough. but only time will tell.

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