Monday, August 3, 2009

so it happened...

jesse moved and is no longer in mosul. he is now in tal afar which is about thirty to thirty-five miles west of mosul. but right now he's not in tal afar cause he's on his way to qatar for a four day leave. i got TWO calls from him yesterday which was wonderful and much needed. i pretty much cried through both of them. not only have i been pretty stressed and exhausted this weekend but i was just so overwhelmed to hear his voice that i couldn't help it. i love my husband! but keep him in your prayers. there is a situation he has been debating about. i really can't tell you what it is, not until we know the final results but he's really torn on what to do and needs all the help he can get. he knows he has my support no matter what decision he makes but the decision has to be his.

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