Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hoping tomorrow goes well...

so today has been an overall good day. i got off work two hours earlier than expected. was feeling pretty icky by the time we got home but managed to get my butt in gear and clean. i managed to finish all of the "cleaning" per say but i didn't even work on the office. that leaves me with twelve boxes of random stuff to unpack and two boxes of papers to sort through. fun stuff, not really. i got to talk to jesse today online which was nice but bittersweet because he moves somewhere off base tomorrow and it could be up to sixty days...yes i said 60 DAYS...before i get any kind of contact with him again. i really hope its only a couple of weeks. only time will tell. but after cleaning and right as i was heading into the office, brady called and asked me if i was hungry. well i was and we met at ulta because i needed better concealer (which is right by bestbuy which is where she needed to go) and then ate at chilis. i'm so excited about the makeup i got!

now i'm home and feeling kind of lonely. i'm running through everything i have to do tomorrow. i have a doctor appointment at 9am but i have to be there by 8:30 for paperwork stuff. i need to go to campus to get my parking permit and sell back some books. i have to mail a pair of ACU pants to jesse's old school in georgia. i need to stop by lowes and return some primer. i'm also overdue for an oil change. plus i have all these clothes and stuff i'm contemplating taking to good will. there is a good will drop place in the lowes parking lot. but i still don't think i can get all of that taken care of tomorrow. i keep running everything through my mind and am trying to decide the logistics of it all. not to mention i'm trying to get this all done and be at church around 4pm. i guess we'll just see how it all plays out. wish me luck cause i'll need it.

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