Thursday, June 11, 2009

i don't like people interupting my church experience.

i had a not so good night last night. thats pretty unusual for me for a church night.
i had an issue with a student that will be a work in progress. the student just moved up into youth but is very new to the church thing as well. watching this student, i also believe they may be some ADD involved. i did my best to approach the issue in a way where i could point out the positives of how it could be instead of dwelling on negative consequences. i hope it works. i don't like having to be so strict with one student continously. i want them to enjoy every experience with God that youth has to offer. but i will do what i have to do to make this student understand that church in not the time and place for some behaviors. seeing someone so disrespectful (again) definitely irritated me.
then another issue arose, which is also a reccuring issue. but that issue is much more complicated. in the past, more specifically when i was dating josh, i let pretty much all of my friendships fall apart. i was young and just didn't know how to balance a boyfriend and friendships. i know i did not make myself available and i, being a big girl now, take complete responsibility for that. but i'm not in that relationship. i've gotten older and i'm finding a balance. but i don't feel like some of my old friends are realizing how different the dynamic of my life is now and how i have changed accordingly. so i am having issues rebuilding some of the old friendships. i know that i am still not putting forth the effort that i need to but its not a one-sided issue either.
all in all, things could be much worse and i could be letting these issues completely bring me down. my plan is just to let God have it. i've tried working out similar situations without his guidance and i'm not doing it again. lesson learned. and now one of the harder parts begin, being patient...

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