Wednesday, April 22, 2009


so chain of command thinks jesse will come home tomorrow. however i am seriously doubting that probability. at this point we are simply hoping he gets in before monday. only time will tell. one guy at my church who is national guard tried to get me to talk jesse out of coming home. izzy says it will be super hard to say goodbye again after R&R. we will see. i'm sure it will be hard but i'm not sure it will be any harder than before, for me anyway. for me it will be another goodbye. i'll fall apart as i walk out of the airport like always. but it may indeed be harder for hubby. i have no idea. but i will help him cope as best as i can. i'm so excited to see him again. i will most definitely be glued to my phone the next few days til i get the call that its time to pick up hubby!

i'd also like to ask for prayers for kenny and julie. kenny's grandfather just passed away and they have gone to missouri. i hope that they are safe on the road and that the trip can go as well as possible. especially since they're driving with a month and a half old baby.

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