Monday, April 6, 2009


last night's church service was exactly what i needed.
one of the hardest things about my husband being deployed is that when i don't feel well or i'm stressed and overwhelmed, i have no one to hold me and tell me everything will be alright. he can try his best to soothe me on the phone or in an email but sometimes thats just not enough. as a woman, sometimes i need the physical contact of my husbands arms wrapped around me and the way he gently kisses my forehead. well here lately school and allergies has wiped me out so last night at church i knelt down on my knees and prayed to God for peace (as has been normal since my husband's mobilization) but something was different. as usual i got the wave of peace that can only come from God but i literally felt his arms wrap around me. God knew that i was longing for my husband's embrace and he satisfied that need. i serve an amazing God. no one else could step in and fill that void but i serve a God that can.
needless to say i LOVE being a child of God!

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