Tuesday, March 24, 2009

one month until...

a month from today i should be waking up with hubby again. it will only last a short fourteen days but it will be so nice. we've already planned a few things for while he is home. we will be looking at cars because my car is nearing its end. we will be going to the opening day of the renaissance festival. i'm excited because last year jesse bought me a costume so i'll get to wear it this year. i just need to figure out what shoes to wear cause whatever i pick will get super dusty. then we plan to go to chattanooga and rock city after i'm done with finals. in case you're wondering, i took the entire two weeks he is supposed to be home off of work. i can't drop school but i plan to spend as much time with him as possible this time. this will be the first leave i have taken off work because it will be his last leave until the deployment is over.
but i need to be getting ready for work now. i get to meet miss kate tonight! i'm so excited!! i'll post pictures hopefully.

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Laura said...

That is exciting! Good call on taking time off work!