Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hard time.

i'm tired of the act. i'm not doing okay. i feel like i'm dancing on the edge of depression. i've felt this way before and to be honest, last time my coping techniques weren't so healthy. this time i'm even more alone but need a different way to deal. honestly, i think the only way this is related to the deployment is that jesse isn't here for me to vent. its hard for me to bother him with my problems when he's the one in danger. i just feel so lost and overwhelmed. i keep letting people add things to my already full plate and sooner or later something has to give. i just don't want it to be me. i'm not going back there again. i just wish i knew why i felt this way. overall things are going okay. but i'm not okay. uhg. plus of course satan seems to know that i'm struggling. timing is what he's good at.


Zorro said...

You know that there are a number of people that you know that you can vent to and they are only a phone call away. I know that sometimes you don't want to wake someone up but some of us are still college students and never sleep ;-)

Fading Existence said...

Hey babe, I know we haven't always been the closest ever... But I understand more than it may seem and I'm here if you just wanna go to lunch and ramble.

Danie Nicole said...

thank you guys. your comments mean alot to me!