Monday, February 2, 2009

silly side effects.

okay so i'm still dizzy. really dizzy. i'll be glad when the congestion is gone and i can stop taking the medicine. right now i'm sitting in the library with an hour to go til my next class but i'm so tempted to go home and lay down. it can't be safe for me to be out like this. i just can't decide.

i got my car back yesterday. i went to my in-laws after church and dad drove me to get my car. its strange to be back in it. the gas pedal and brake feel different but it could just be that its been awhile since i've driven it. i'm still hoping to get a new car. i just hope that with the recent repairs, this car will last me just a few more months. with jesse being on active duty i can actually get a car tax free so jesse hopes i will buy one while he is over seas. that is our plan at least...we will see how all of that works out.

church was awesome yesterday. the morning service was awesome but at the end it was a little sad. pastor had to make an anouncement i'm sure no one wanted to hear. then instead of evening service we rented out the sportscom to watch the superbowl like we usually do. i didn't care about the game but i got to have some nice conversation that wasn't rushed. it was nice but i still didn't feel good. the medicine is doing its job and helping clear out the congestion but it just makes me SOO dizzy, like i am right now, than in the end i still don't feel good.

i guess thats all the updates i have for now. i can't think of anything else, of course i can barely think straight anyways so i guess it doesn't matter lol.


Tiffany Wenge said...

Can I be nosey and ask what the announcement was?

Danie Nicole said...

a few families from our church pulled out and started their own church. pastor announced it to the congregation.