Wednesday, February 25, 2009


not julie and kenny's kate. my mom's good friend kate. i would like to ask you all to keep her in your prayers right now. she had a massive heart attack over the weekend and they just let her out of icu yesterday. she had a kidney transplant when i was little but the dye they used to run tests on her heart put her in stage four kidney failure. they have had patients get their kidney function back before but there is no promise. this is her only kidney so if it dies, without another transplant, she probably will too. with her heart so damaged it is unlikely she would be able to do dialysis again. sadly her heart was in the condition it was in because of the dialysis from before her transplant. when they told her she was having a heart attack (because hers didn't give off the common symptoms that everyone looks for) she realized that she had had two others since chritmas and just blew them off because she didn't know what was happening. it is truly a miracle that she made it this long. my mom finally got to talk to her today since she is out of intesive care and mom says she sounds good for what she is going through but my mom is devastated. she has known kate for many years. kate is the woman who picked my sister up from school the day i was born. so please i ask you to pray for kate and her three daughters, kate's grandchildren (don't know the number), and my mom and their other good friend penny as they go through this. they've all been through alot together. thank you.

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McAngie said...

I'm so sorry Danie, we'll keep her in our prayers!