Saturday, January 31, 2009

an update on the illness.

i am feeling a little better. i went to the doctor yesterday morning and i have a virus. thankfully not the stomach bug that is going around, which my father-in-law got. i'm just congested and short of breath. my throat quit burning, i passed the step test (meaning i don't have it) and my lungs are clear. she gave me medicine that makes me feel really overheated and a little dizzy but its helping with the congestion so its doing its job. the doctor cleared me for class yesterday but told me no work for a couple of days because i work in the food industry. she said i should be fine to go to church as long as i keep my hands washed and don't share drinks and such. i was relieved because i'm supposed to teach sunday school.

the comedy thing ended up being worth it because i ran into thomas. i hadn't seen him in forever! it was nice. plus the commedian was funny, i just felt so bad that it was hard to get in to. its really hard to laugh when you're throat is on fire.

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Julie said...

How many times have I told you... if you're sick just tell me and I'll teach! Crazy lady!