Friday, January 16, 2009

twas the night before...

the first day of class (this was last night). it was a nice night. FREEZING but nice. i went to julie's birthing class with her. we watched this wonderful childbirth video. kenny will appreciate missing this class. we also learned a breathing technique, which we practiced, and massaged each other's hands. it was fun. it definitely made me think.

i am so looking forward to having children. i want a family soo much. but i know that right now is not the time. for one jesse's not even here so it would be rather impossible to start a family but we're waiting for me to graduate from school. i just hate being patient sometimes. plus doctors are afraid that jesse's injury...oh for those of you who don't know, jesse got injured last month ...could make him unable to have children. they have this concern because they have yet to figure out exactly what his injury is. but amazingly it hasn't started to bother me yet. i guess because i have children set in my mind as a long term goal and right now my mind is preoccupied with all of the unknowns that are surrounding our short term future. this injury has complicated so many things and left so many things up in the air that my mind is at its limit. i hope that this injury...whatever it is...doesn't put my family dreams in jeopardy but i know that God is in control. there is no way for me to know his plan. he will show us what to do with whatever circumstances we are dealt...we just have to wait and pray.

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Julie said...

I'm so glad you came. It was fun! :-)