Thursday, January 8, 2009

one problem.

first the things i know. i know my friends have the best of intentions. i know that i usually cry when i pray. i know that its easy to make assumptions about how i must be feeling with my husband gone.

now for my confusion. why is it that when you are going through something big (like a deployment) people assume its your only problem. its not, at all. i don't know how many times in the past few months that i've broken down at church and someone has come up to pray for me, only for me to hear them talking about giving me strength to make it through the separation or helping me remember that i have others who love me. just because my husband is deployed doesn't mean every other part of my life stops. IT DOESN'T. my life keeps on rolling. school stress, work stress, family stress...its all still there just no hubby to talk things through with. instead i have to think for two people. i have to consider my own opinions and then try to decide how jesse would feel about them. don't get me wrong, i have cried many times over this deployment but there have been just as many times that i was upset over some other situation that no one ever cared to ask about. well no one except for husband. jesse got to where he could tell the difference.

sorry if i came accross as aggitated. i'm not. its just something thats been on my mind alot here lately. i've been listening to a cd i got called these boots. its about dealing with the different aspects of a deployment from predeployment to home coming and it makes me think. i hope everyone had a wonderful day. i'm hoping to go to the in-laws soon.

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