Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year's eve.

so jesse and i went to two parties. ducked out of both before the alcohol really got started. now we are back at the apartment. i'm obviously online and he is building this shelf thing we bought at walmart.

i've decided that walmart is amazing. this week we've bought everything from cheese cubes to a tv stand, all at walmart. we also bought furniture at a furniture store but still. walmart is a necessary evil.

as for me...i'm just trying to stay awake til midnight. i only have twenty-seven minutes left. then i'm off to bed. i hope jesse is done with the shelf thing by then. i also have to work in the morning which i am not looking forward to. i'm actually mad at myself for not asking off. i need more time with jesse.

i want to think everyone for reading my blog this year. hope year to come brings about some interesting posts. to next year...clink...

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