Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my one day off this week.

okay so today did not go as planned. got a really late start. renewed jesse's tags. turns out they give a military discount...a nice one. works for dependents too. while we were at the county clerks office i picked up a passport application. then we attempted changing the address on both of our drivers licenses but decided we had more important things to do. so we went to walgreens for me to get passport photos taken. they wouldn't let me smile. apparently canada says that smiling distorts the face too much. thought that was interesting. while at walgreens we got a christmas tree. jesse's happy. then we ate lunch at waffle house. now we're at home. jesse is hooking up electronics and i'm blogging. today was supposed to be our unpacking day but government offices were super busy and the late start didn't help. looks like tonight is going to be a late night. i have to be at jennie's at 5:15 to watch william and melody while she goes out. while i'm there jesse plans to go visit jon. then we have to come home and turn our apartment into a home. we've been putting it off. we also have to go to walmart and return a few things and buy some more stuff. yea so we've been busy little bees. sadly not busy enough. we still have so much to do. uhg. guess i need to get off here. jesse is done hooking up stuff. i hope to post later. bye for now.

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