Thursday, November 13, 2008


how could someone go through life and never feel messed up? i don't understand. God says we will all sin...its our human nature to do so. he hopes we won't but its inevitable. we will fall short of God's glory at least once in our lives, probably way more than that but at least once. i just don't know how you could appreciate God's saving grace if he's never had to save you. i'm sure its possible...i'll never know. i guess even those who have rarely sinned got the magic of accepting Jesus as their personal saviour. but i know i've messed up and i know God saved me and continues to protect me. i have regrets...i'm still a work in progress. i believe i will always be a work in progress. i will continue to grow, change, and learn until the day God takes me home. but all that said, i wouldn't take back any of the mistakes i've made. like it or not those mess ups have made me who i am. i'm finally happy with who i am. i still need work but then again...don't we all?

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Fading Existence said...

We tend to base our emotions on sort of a relative scale... i.e. if we haven't had major tragedies in life feel overwhelmed by small ones... so no matter in what minor or major ways, people will always feel messed up to a degree.