Thursday, November 20, 2008

having kids.

this reminds me of the only sermon i have on my ipod. its a sermon i've heard kenny give twice. once for the youth and one for the entire congregation after last year's judgment. its a sermon he titles "serving two masters" this sermon he tells a personal story about his mother. how she was never supposed to have children and when she did become pregnant (with him and his younger sister) the doctors pleaded with her to abort the pregnancies because they were sure the children wouldn't thrive once born. the doctors were mistaken. kenny and his sister are healthy, successful adults who are now starting families of their own. yes doctors are educated in their field and have to make decisions based on the evidence our bodies show them but God is the ultimate doctor. no training can prepare you for how God will choose to bless his children. it is His will and His plan...He should and will always override any medical professional, and lawyer, any judge, any accountant, any government official, any military personnel, or any enemy. this does not mean that you shouldn't trust doctors. most of them are wonderful at their jobs but try to remember that a doctor's diagnosis or prognosis may not always follow God's plan for your life.

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