Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day.

i don't have to vote today. i actually voted with jesse on october 30th. yes that was our wedding night but if he didn't vote that day he was afraid he wouldn't get to vote so i went with him. it was the first presidential election either of us has ever voted in. we voted for the same person. it was a good day. but if you haven't voted, please do. its very important!!

as for now i'm at school. ick. i'm caught up in computer science but extremely behind in history. i need to be writing a paper but instead i'm posting a blog. sounds about right lol.

i hope to have all of my wedding pictures soon. i already have them from my dad, jesse's dad, and my sister. i still need to get them from meag, brady, julie, and derrick. i hope to get them in time to edit them and put the good ones in an album for my mom before she comes down for thanksgiving. that's what i decided i was going to give her for christmas but i won't see her on christmas so i've giving to her on thanksgiving. i've already purchased the album i just need the pictures lol. plus i plan to make a wedding album with the same pictures for jesse and i. i've already bought that album too. i think i'm going to buy a smaller album for jesse to take on his deployment. i think he would appreciate that. i'll only partially fill it so i can send him pictures throughout the time we'll be separated. geez i have more to do than i thought. guess i'm going to have to bug people.

well i need to get off here and work on history. i might post later but i plan to edit photos tonight...

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