Tuesday, October 28, 2008


last sunday, at church, kenny kept asking me if i was nervous about getting married. honestly, i'm not. a little over two years ago i promised jesse i would always wait for him. when i made that promise it did not only apply to basic and AIT, i meant i would wait for him always. over the two years my promise was tested more than a few times. i view my rapidly approaching marriage as a reward for my kept promise. i may not have always waited patiently or gratefully but i waited. being in a military relationship isn't for everyone. i've known for quite some time that i would probably end up in one. that's okay, i didn't choose to date a soldier because he was a soldier. i fell in love with jesse and the army was simply a consequence. in two days i become Mrs. Ross. and in thirty-two days jesse mobilizes to deploy to Iraq. that's a mere thirty days between what should be the happiest days of my life and what will probably end up being one of the saddest days of my life. its all a little scary but i know God is there. he knows the promises i have made to him and to jesse. he will help me keep them.

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