Thursday, July 31, 2008

roller coaster.

today was a day full of ups and downs. early morning conversations left me vulnerable. then sleep. then i woke up to a certain someone yelling at me. i managed to escape and have some peace and even got hit on by an older gentleman. then unfortunately i walked back into hell, which is the only way i know how to describe it at this point. without complaint i cooked dinner. didn't want to eat because i don't feel good. as soon as he got up to fix his plate i got yelled at for not cooking a vegetable. i asked what he wanted when i started cooking but he never answered. but of course i have lousy judgement and no common sense. uhg. i'm amazing not angry...i'm just crushed. i guess being sick has just worn me out. i did get angry the first couple of times i got talked down to or over looked but by this evening...anger is far from my mind. lets just say i'm glad i've conquered my most dangerous demons. but i did paint my nails black again. that was my escape this time. i'm sure my boss will love it tomorrow. but i think i'm going to call it a night early tonight. much love to all...

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