Saturday, July 12, 2008

nothing new.

my dad is delusional. he thinks that me not making time to clean my room is something personal against him. when he left for oklahoma last week he told me that i had to have the whole house cleaned before he came home. with jesse's help i cleaned everything except for my room. and actually my room looks better than it did he just won't recognize any improvement, he only wants finished results. uhg. he's just gonna have to be patient cause i work eight hour shifts today and monday and tomorrow is shot because of church and a small group thing. oh well. i'll try to make some time.


Fading Existence said...

I don't know if you've read about the different love languages, but to some doing things for them can make them feel loved. If he believes that you know he wants it clean and you don't it may seem to him that you don't care about what he wants and making an effort for him is unimportant to you.

Danie Nicole said...

i would care if he didn't always treat me like crap.