Friday, June 13, 2008

long time.

so its been awhile. thats rare for me. i've just been working alot and i've tried dozens of times to post on this thing but my brain just shuts down. so this will be an update post.

jesse is home, has been for over a week now. its nice to have him back.

every electronic around me seems to be breaking. my computer has started telling me that its low on virtual memory, apparently thats bad. i've been advised to invest in a new computer but i have no money so i'm going to buy an external hard drive to ensure that all my important files are safe in case my computer does crash. my dvd player has completely died and my vcr quit working a while back. my phone, even after still being replaced, still doesn't hold a charge for longer than a day. when they replaced it they gave me a refurbished phone. uhg. and the cheapest fix of all electronics . . . my tv remote is dieing. i've tried new batteries, no luck. electronics just aren't my thing right now i guess. plus my keyboard is going psycho as i type this, FUN!

all of that aside, i'm tired. i want so bad to move out. i refuse to live up to how my father thinks my life should be going. i don't want to be that person. i want to be me . . . i want to make me happy. i need to move out but its not looking hopeful right now. i might have to take out a loan for this semester and if i do i plan to take out a little more than i need for tuition and i plan to move out. just a glimpse into what might be coming.

right now i'm exhausted. i worked tonight, my night off. hopefully i'll post again soon.

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Amy McCormick said...

Hey.I will definately be praying for you about moving out and your father!! I know it will all work out somehow. I love ya lots!! :-)