Friday, June 27, 2008

a horrible first.

i almost cried at work tonight. it would have been the first time. a few tears fell but i managed to restrain myself. my father came in to eat and really pissed me off. go figure. he acts like he knows me. he doesn't. he is the first to point out my flaws, like i need help being insecure. yes i don't eat well. yes i can be a little slow sometimes, why the hell do i have to work by his schedule. sure i don't spend every waking hour cleaning up after him. yes i don't "obey" him. i'm okay with all of that but my customers DON'T HAVE TO KNOW ALL OF THAT!! and of course my favorite, i can do something once and all of a sudden it turns into "she does it all the time" . . . yea so every time he asks i seem to be eating pasta, that doesn't mean i "eat nothing but pasta." i haven't eaten mac and cheese in over a month and he is still telling people that i "live on macaroni and cheese." why the hell does my life have to be an every day topic of conversation for him anyway. fine if he wants to talk to ME about MY life. he needs to lay off on discussing my life with strangers or even family members for that matter. uhg. sorry about this post. i'm pissed and venting. maybe eventually i'll post a cheerful blog...

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