Sunday, May 25, 2008

two years.

it is a surreal feeling. today is me and jesse's two year anniversary. exactly two years until i walk down the isle and take him as my husband. i can't wait! it might be a long two years when all is said and done but twenty years down the road i want to look back on these dating years and say we made the most of every moment . . . even before we were married. God is already providing for us. thats calms me a bit.

so today i spent six hours at jesse's parent's house. it wasn't bad. i got a few lectures about jesse's performance in school and money but oh well. i'm kind of getting used to it. i just wish they believed me more. i tell them that me and jesse don't talk alot when he is in school but they see how many minutes he uses and think i'm just telling them what they want to hear. same thing with homework. i'm the one who messed around this semester and almost failed english. he really tried but they don't see it. i wish they did. tonight jesse's dad asked me if jesse is my soulmate. i thought it was a dumb question. i really wanted to say "no we're just engaged for the hell of it!" but instead i just nodded yes. sometimes i wonder what they think of our relationship. if they really think we are in this forever. i'll never ask but i can't help but wonder. we really love each other. we may be young but they should know that age doesn't matter. uhg. i don't know why i let them stress me out. they really feel like parents to me.

p.s. i love and miss you hope and lori!!


laura said...

There will always be skeptics who think you don't know what you're doing, and those who are convinced they know what is best for you. Just continue to follow the Lord and take those comments with the self control you always have! I think that you and Jesse are very responsible and have seriously prayed and thought things through. I am proud of you two!
Congrats on 2 years.

Anonymous said...

OK, so perhaps it be will be best if we stay out of your affairs and offer no input. If that's what you want. . .