Monday, May 5, 2008


dad is coming home from oklahoma today. he left thursday i think . . . its sad that i can't remember but he definately should have stayed longer. i really like being home without him! but me and jesse had a fun weekend and this coming weekend should be even better.

but first for the events of this weekend . . .
friday: went shopping in the morning. i got a jacket, purse, two pairs of socks, a pair of tights, and a bra to sleep in. then i worked from 5 to close.
saturday: worked 8 to 2. jesse came over. we went and ate at chili's which was amazing and just lounged around. oh and then we went and saw iron man with derrick, bobby, and jeremiah. IRON MAN IS AN AMAZING MOVIE! yes amazing.
sunday: went to sunday school and worked the toddler nursery 2nd service. then me and jesse went to the renaissance festival. i had fun. jesse bought me a costume (next year he'll get one). plus i got a ring that matches a pair of earrings he bought me last year, i bought myself a pair of earrings and jesse bought me this hand woven little purse (which will come in very handy next weekend but i'll get to that in a moment). then we came back to my house and he helped me clean. i must say i have an amazing boyfriend!

now for next weekend . . .
jesse and i are leaving friday afternoon (after i get my paycheck and put it in the bank) for chattanooga! i'm excited. we'll be home sometime sunday. it will be our first vacation alone together. yes . . . two years and our first vacation. i definately think it is needed. while we are there we plan to go to rock city, ruby falls, and the aquarium. i'm definately taking my camera and i'm sure there will be lots of new pics when i return.

well i guess thats it for now. dad will be home in a few hours and i need to finish cleaning. much love.

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